Prefab Villa Annex in the UAE

Prefabricated Majlis and Villas Modular, Al Bait Al Raqi prefabricated Majlis and Villas Modular, we are your destination for brand new Prefab Villa Majlis in UAE, with high quality and great durability villa cabin at AlRaqi we design a brand new villa annex and Majlis with modern styles in UAE. Starts with steel-framed houses covered with cement boards and fire rated boards, all materials have great durability and seismic or wind immunity. Our prefab Majlis or Villa is easy to set up all shapes and designed to suits our client’s needs. Our Majlises and Villa Annexes with best suitable and sustainable materials that match your villa design the sub-floor version, moisture-proof, widely utilised with isolated materials. Al Raqi villa and Majlis are complete which produced in quite beautiful and high-quality. Our Majlis or villa annex are eye catching and sustainable space you’ll like to spend time in

The Substance Of Prefab Villa & Majlis

Ordinarily, for a luxury prefab Majlis and Villa, you will find a few different materials and substances to build different requirements. Its elevated relaxation, and decent insulation, Energy saving, and ecological security, with fire rated walls and special designs with fast setup compared to a solid brick wall.

The consumers can select the coloration of this prefab villas wall and roof paint, while they prefer. The reduced running cost is left up to its validity. Steel house structure Design: 3 bedrooms, two living areas, 1 spacious kitchen, 3 washing rooms, Inch Laundry space.

Prefab Villa Facilities:

Functional demands — livable and cozy, Affordable design, static and dynamic partition, filthy and clean partition, along with spacious bathrooms.

Prerequisites to its module system — that the diameter of this mill standard plate has been an integral multiple of 300MM.

Our prefab villa designed the sub-floor version, moisture-proof, widely utilized from the coastal area.



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