Containerised Office

Al Bait Al Raqi manufactures, delivers, and designs in a high-quality Containerized Office in UAE. Modern structures are designed from mortar and brick—also its environment-friendly and recyclable substances. Probably one of the very widely used options is re-furbished transportation containers. It’s used as Containerized Office, Canteen, café, private pools, health spas, and much more.

The Benefits of Containerized Office:

  • No ground foundation involved
  • Green material, no construction garbage caused.
  • Strong & Durable structure
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Convenient transportation
  • Cost-saving (material and labor cost)
  • Reusable(material & water & electronic system and others)

The price of the containerized Office will be dependent on which you would like indoors. Suppose you are trying to find a comfortable, climate-controlled office with electric hookups, windows, and a doorway. Compared to the physical construction of similar square footage, a container office will be cheaper. Nevertheless, the expense of a container of ice, mortar, and brick structure becomes equal once your bath or kitchenette adds to this look. Dramatic structural alterations to the box might even earn a container office costlier than a standard design office.

If you have a flat, level, and dry space on your property, you can place the container directly on the ground. For the terrain isn’t ideal, you can pour a simple concrete slab to prepare the site.

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