Containerized Canteen in the UAE

Al Bait Al Raqi manufactures, delivers, and designs high-quality Containerized Canteen in UAE. Modern structures are designed not only from mortar and brick but from environment-friendly and recycled substances. Probably one of the very widely used options is re-furbished transportation containers. It used as Containerized Canteen, offices, café, private pools, health spas, and much more.

The Benefits of Containerized Canteen:

  • No ground foundation involved
  • Green material, no construction garbage caused.
  • Strong & Durable structure
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Convenient transportation
  • Cost-saving (material and labour cost)
  • Reusable(material & water & electronic system and others)

Create an excellent small business environment with Containerized Canteen

By using refurbished java containers create a fantastic small business environment. The gratification of protecting Earth using recycled products is astounding. Boxes, be it temporary or permanent structures are stable and utilise modular layouts. It is an attractive expansion choice for the Canteen. May be applied as stand structures also!

Besides the area benefits, it includes, all these are come back and come equipped with security capabilities. Upcycling Shipping Containers into Coffeehouse Food and drink industry have seen a lot of transformation concerning function and structure. The ease of modular design would be freedom and security, which makes it the most popular option among café owners around the world. Al Bait Al Raqi admits this shift and viable design methods to offer a fresh dimension to eatery companies.

Containerized Catering Project in the UAE

Containerized Cafeteria Half Way ADNOC Containerised Cafeteria, Cafe, shop, restaurant

Half Way – Containerized Cafeteria for ADNOC



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