Containerised Units Modular from  AL BAIT AL RAQI, for sustainable and durable prefabricated container for: Majlis, Villa, Offices, Containerised Coffee-shop, restaurants, stores and many other customised container modular.
Prefab containers are very unique product of AL Bait Al Raqi, that suits different personal and business needs. Our prefabricated containers available all across the UAE . Besides, we encourage you to contact us for any container fabrication or container conversions. We have full services for container modification UAE.

Containerized Cafeteria Half Way ADNOC Containerised Cafeteria, Cafe, shop, restaurant

Half Way – Containerized Cafeteria for ADNOC

Containerized Accommodation Prefab Container Homes

Prefab Container Homes

Containerized Restaurants

Containerized Restaurants

Prefab Storage Containers

Prefab Storage Containers

Containerised Units Modular - Skid Mounted Containers

Skid Mounted Containers

Office Containers

Office Containers

Site Office Cabins in the UAE

Site Office Cabins

Prefab Consultant Cabins

Prefab Consultant Cabins

contractors' cabins

Contractors’ Cabins



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