Single Office Container

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Single Office Container in the UAE

Al Bait Al Raqi has continued to expand its fleet, now offering single office containers to allow for job site flexibility and privacy. We design our single office container sets to be used especially as a temporary administrative work area. You can use it for staff regardless of construction site conditions. Single office containers (construction site office) are available to delivered as a set disassembled.

A single office container is a solution when on-site space restricts your options. The 20′ single office container is ideal for smaller applications and on-site maneuverability while still allowing ground access. We equipped the office with air conditioning, heat, and built-in desks with filing cabinets. Also, we make interior walls with Fiberglass reinforced plywood and cover the floor with aluminum diamond plate flooring. All ground office units are roof coated that ensuring you a quality product.

Qualities of Single Office Container

  • Office container with high galvanized and painted steel Sandwich panel surface and frame (purlin).
  • Polyurethane insulated ceiling (50mm) and the base surface is of vinyl-coated fiber cement panel.
  • You can install or dismantle an office container within a few hours. All panels are cut and painted at the factory. We deliver the lower and upper chassis is pre-assembled at the factory.
  • You can carry our office containers with lifting hooks (Also, specially reinforced office containers for frequent transports).
  • Portable office container with vinyl flooring (Also, parquet or ceramic tile).
  • Office container with aluminum or PVC windows (Also, large window, bay window, aluminum or PVC shutters, blinds, steel railings for windows and doors).
  • We deliver our office containers (up to 10 empty construction site offices each of 15 m2) in a special box with a 40-foot sea container.
  • It is possible to use a galvanized trapezoidal roof or polyurethane insulated sandwich panel roof for rough places.
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