School Shade Structures in the UAE

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Best Sun Shades and School Shade Structures Supplier in the UAE

Al Bait Al Raqi provides School Shade Structures in the UAE that create new learning and playing areas. It gives protection for journeys between classes and set up secure cycle parking. Our product can withstand the harsh climate of the Middle East region and is built to last longer.

These days kids spend a good deal of their time inside in front of the television and computer. During school time, too, they are made to sit down inside the classroom, struggling to have the world outside because of Sharjah and the UAE’s torrid weather. This is now an issue for many educational institutions that have persuaded them to take action to install college shade structures to make an outdoor learning experience.

Shade structure/school shades are an essential feature for any faculty with outdoor places and playgrounds. However, a responsible school will be concerned about the dangers of exposing youngsters to the sweltering outdoor climate. Many colleges in the UAE are encouraged to set up shade structures to give a safe and sound playing area for kids.

Application Areas School Shade Structures:

  • Prevent heat exhaustion & overheating
  • Protection from UV rays
  • Prevent sunstroke and other heat-related conditions
  • Durable
  • Economical
  • Better security

Our School Shade Structures

Al Bait Al Raqi is the pioneer in creating durable and high-quality shade structures and custom solutions in the UAE. We always keep children in our mind while designing the product and hence. Also, develop solutions for maximum weather-proofing and sun protection for your school premises.

School Shade Structure prevents heat exhaustion, overheating, sunstroke, and other heat-related conditions. Also, Protection from UV rays, Durable, Economical, and Better security for schools in the UAE.

We also work for colleges and universities as they need sheltering for outdoor teaching areas. Also, for bus parking spaces, entrance spaces, dining areas, and cycle parking. And our aim to provide a cozy outdoor space for all.

School Shade Structures


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