Prefabricated Classrooms

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Prefabricated Classrooms in the UAE

Al Bait Al Raqi offers high-quality prefabricated classrooms to support all education levels and students’ needs, from classrooms to whole schools in the UAE. Our prefab classrooms create inspirational learning environments, placing students at heart, allowing their development to take center stage with a focus on creating dynamic and diverse teaching spaces for the education sector.

Best Solution for Prefabricated Classrooms

We produce secure prefab classrooms and school projects with high insulation, ergonomic plans, and modular transportable structure. In which time we’ve completed a wide range of projects from special educational needs classrooms to purpose-build libraries, dance studios, to gyms, meaning we’re uniquely positioned to provide a solution tailored to you. We help schools address place issues and budget constraints by creating builds that deliver flexible, modern teaching spaces that encourage outdoor education, assisting children in reconnecting with nature.

With a range of materials available, we can work with you to construct an educational environment that meets your requirements and standards. We can also provide refurbished prefabricated classrooms for clients on a budget or for those looking for a temporary classroom solution.

Advantages Of Our Prefabricated Classrooms

  • Easy loading and on-time delivery
  • Customized classroom designs
  • Technologically fast production with quality control
  • More efficient use of resources
Prefabricated Classrooms


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