Prefab Villa Majlis

Country: United Arab Emirates
Emirates: Sharjah
Year: 2020
Land: 120 m2
Storeys: 1
Bedroom: 2
Bathroom: 1
Kitchen: Yes
External Walls: Cement Board
Floor Type: Laminated Wood
Building Height: 370 cm
CCTV System: No
Light System: Neon Lights
Solar System: No
Electricity Generator: No
Direct Electricity: Yes
AC System: Yes

Prefab Villa Majlis Catalogue & Project in the UAE

Prefab villa majlis from Al Bait Al Raqi for brand new Modular/Prefabricated Majlis in UAE. We provide high quality and excellent durability villa cabins and majlis tents. Our team design a brand new portable villa & majlis in UAE. Starts with steel-framed houses covered with cement-boards and fire-rated boards.

Prefab Villa Majlis Facilities

Prefabricated villa majlis or Villa Annex is easy to set up all shapes and designs to suits our client’s needs. It has excellent durability and seismic or wind immunity. Our Majlis and Villa Annex are the most suitable and sustainable material that matches your villa design. As like the sub-floor version, moisture-proof, widely utilized with isolated materials. Al Raqi portables are entirely produced in quite beautiful and high-quality. Our Majlis or villa annexes are eye-catching and sustainable space you’ll like to spend time in.

What’s the Prefab Majlis in the UAE?

It’s been part of Emirati social life for quite a very long time, functioning as a place to come together. In the prefab villa majlis, they can discuss problems, exchange news, participate in social events, and entertain. Majlis is the place of sitting to refer to a specific gathering area. Generally, it’s a place with big carpets on the ground and cushions on the wall. Most of the prefab homes in the UAE have a Majlis. The eldest one from their family hosts it. Their guest will fulfill this tent, where they will talk about everything.

An oud will be present to make a mood too. The Majlis is available to all members- tribes, families, and people of the same area. With other distant localities collect here to exchange news and interact. Till now, it’s a tradition with dignity and pride in the UAE and GCC region.

The Best Majlis Tent Manufacturers & Suppliers in the UAE

We are leading in the prefab products and services in the UAE and GCC region. Our prefab majlis consists of a steel structure to resist the strong wind. They’re built with high-quality substances to withstand the harsh weather in the United Arab Emirates. We are building Prefab Villa Majlis to survive longer and more robust in the UAE’s torrid heat.

We furnished our prefab majlis with carpets on the floor and cushions against the walls. It is filled with accessories and comfy interiors to trigger the Arabic ambiance. There will be a stove or fire region to prepare coffee and other hot beverages.

Prefab Villa Majlis
Villa Majlis portable majlis evening
Prefabricated villa


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