Prefab Villa Annex Project

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Prefab Villa Annex Project & Our Case Studies in the UAE

We are the team of Al Bait Al Raqi recently completed a prefab Villa Annex project in the UAE. And this post is to share our customer about our ‘Prefab Villa Annex Project & Case Studies’ in the United Arab Emirates. We also added some photos and videos (YouTube). So, it will be clear to know details.

Do you know about Prefab House/Villa?

Prefabricated/Prefab houses are portions of those houses which can be made by producing certain parts in factories and mixing them in line with an individual’s fantasies. Building homes in various architectures are called modules. Through developing the design and innovative technology, prefab houses are too comfortable as houses.

Let’s talk about the Project.

From the birth of AL BAIT AL RAQI, we have put our goal to be No.1 in prefab house project in UAE. That’s why our team always do their best to satisfy our customer. It’s a small house project, but we learned a lot from it.  When the customer comes to contact us, we show her (Nowshin Akter) our previous project’s photos and some newly created catalogue. But she wants the style which decided past. So, we made another design for her following the instruction and choices. And we are happy to see her smiley face. Then our next turn to make that real. What we made?… Check her review bellowed & check our services.

Customer’s Review

Really satisfied with their services. Perfect design and friendly behaviour. Tnx Al Raqi, 🙂

Nowshin Akter
prefab villa annex project in UAE
prefab villa annex project in UAE
prefab villa annex project in UAE


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