Prefab Social Facilities

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Prefab Social Facilities in the UAE

Al Bati Al Raqi prefab social facilities are solutions for the different needs like restaurants and sports facilities with their aesthetic design, quick installation, long-lasting structure model, and economical price.

Providing all sorts of comfortable conditions is extremely important for staff and visitors in these buildings where there are multiple users. You will find refreshing spaces offering comfort in the prefab social facilities with our demounted facilities designed in classic and modern style.

Facilities Of Prefab Social Facilities

Structures designed for functions such as a museum, library, scout camp, and sports facilities are evaluated in social and communal areas. There are recreational facilities, tourism and sports complex systems, conference and meeting rooms, cafes and canteens, churches, WC’s and shower units. Hygiene and solutions proper to its aim should be supplied for scout camps and sports facilities.

Also, each building’s static calculations are made by taking wind loads proper to the place’s climate conditions where it will be built. Our assembly teams also carry out the assembly of the buildings produced according to these calculations.

Fibre cement is mostly preferred in the exterior facade and interior panel sidings of the building. The panels are used as steel sheet/fiber cement siding on the external surface, fiber cement/fiber cement siding on the interior exterior. All installations are project designed as flush mounted or surface mounted according to choice. Visit our office at Sharjah to know more.

Prefab Social Facilities


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