Prefab Mosques

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Prefab Mosques in the UAE

Al Bait Al Raqi designs, manufacture supplies and install prefab mosques in UAE. Our prefab mosques are well equipped with ablution units, toilets, paper holder, mirror, and soap tray. It has all the physical features of a prefab mosque, such as a towering minaret and ceiling with modern architecture.

The community developers are supposed to provide all the resident’s and visitors’ general facilities- the mosque. Most of them don’t have a mosque, and they make some shift arrangements, which is hardly sufficient, especially on Fridays and Ramadan. The lack of mosques is a primary concern for many residents in this country. And we have a solution for that- Portacabin mosques.

Prefab mosques are prefabricated containers converted into mosques. The prefabricated containers’ versatility will make it one of the excellent products to use for space-related issues. They are durable, flexible, longlasting, and can withstand the Middle East region’s harsh weather. Different sizes of prefabricated mosques are available- the small one can cater to 20 people, the medium size one for 30-40 people, and the large mosque for 90-100 people.

 Prefabricated Mosques Facilities

We are the leading prefabricated mosque manufacturers and suppliers in UAE. Our prefab mosque cabins can accommodate a fair number of people. Ablution unit, toilet paper holder, mirror, mirror shelf, and soap tray is also included in the portacabin deal. It is made with the highest quality design, structure, and conditions. We only use premium quality products to craft the prefabricated masjids in UAE. We incorporate the latest technologies and highly skilled designers to construct the portacabin mosque of your dreams.

Our experienced team is always there to help you. All you need to do is give the specifications, and your mosque cabin will be ready in no time. Our installation process is rapid, as well. The portable house can be used to increase the functional working space of any project. Our expert team can quickly and easily install the perfect modular areas to suit your changing needs. You can also pay a visit to our factory and check out the range of prefabricated mosque designs and choose one of your likings.


  • Ablution units are available
  • Modern architecture
  • Capacious
  • Long-lasting
  • Withstand the harsh weather of the region
  • Multifaceted
  • Flexible
  • Portable
prefab mosque Prefab's Plans
Prefab Mosque / Masjid - Prefab Mosques


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