Prefab Consultant Cabins

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Prefab Consultant Cabins in the UAE

Our engineers support you in every aspect, as the prefab consultant cabins can be designed according to your wishes. In addition to walls, ceilings, doors, floors, and furniture, we manufacture available units and assemble the individual components into finished cabins. They are also suitable for semi-modular installation. Our prefab consultant cabins meet the current fire protection regulations requirements and are protected against sound and vibration by unique insulation technology.

Healthcare facilities from prefab consultant cabins guarantee a warm, comfortable, healthy, and hygienic environment that patients and healthcare professionals will relish. Our temporary or portable consultant cabins can be designed to any specification and make ideal waiting rooms, laboratories, consultation rooms, and temporary wards, all built to satisfy the latest building regulations and the space available at your site.

Our quick and efficient installation means that your healthcare services will experience the minimum disruption, making portable consultant cabins a brilliant choice for portable or temporary healthcare facilities.

What Are We Providing?

  • Outstanding customer service from beginning to end.
  • Instant hire of any available cabin, and delivery to site within days, sometimes the same day.
  • All cabins will be complete with heating, lighting, flooring, and double sockets throughout.
  • Multiple open-plan cabins and modular buildings are available.
Prefab Consultant Cabins


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