Prefab Bathrooms Toilet

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Prefab Bathrooms Toilet in the UAE

Al Bait Al Raqi Prefabricated bathrooms & toilets have reached a high quality and finish level in the UAE. For this reason, end-users can not distinguish them from a traditional bathroom—we producing prefabricated WC and Showers according to international standards. Bathroom & toilet unit is an indispensable component in all buildings. A prefabricated bathroom & toilet unit refers to preassembled off-site complete with finishes, sanitary wares, concealed pipes, conduits, ceiling, and bathroom cabinets before installing into position.

Our Prefab Bathrooms Toilet Solutions

We offer WC and Shower solutions for all types of public social facilities, construction worksites, mines, oil fields, international trade fairs, parks, gardens, sportive organizations, tourism sector, road construction sites, etc.

Prefab Bathrooms Toilet units save time and help ensure a high degree of consistency and quality, which is especially important in the construction of bathrooms. Other benefits include better control of materials, streamlined factory fabrication and production processes, less co-ordination with multiple trades/parties, less abortive work for construction sites, etc.

What type of product we use

Al Bait Al Raqi uses only quality certified materials to produce prefabricated portable bathroom & toilet units. The bathroom & toilet units deliver with wall panels and floor tray preassembled or delivered separately and assembled on-site. We are manufacturing different configurations of WC and Shower units according to international quality standards.

Our Facilities:

  • Improved Productivity
  • Better Construction Environment
  • Improved Quality Control
Prefab Bathrooms Toilet in the UAE


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