Office Containers

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Office Containers in the UAE

Al Bait Al Raqi is in a position to modify the office container according to your choice. At a very competitive cost for various purposes like site office, bunks, and storage reasons. Large modular office containers offered by us are engineered following international industrial standards and using the latest techniques. Mobile offices or crew cabins our range of mobile Prefabricated Office Container is portable workstations. Cause Our modular offices prove to be an ideal choice. Our office container sets are specially designed to be used as a temporary administrative work area for staff, regardless of construction site conditions. Our prefabricated container can be dismantled in stages, with an external height of 2.60 m and a standard 6.00 × 2.50 m. Office containers can be customized and dimensioned to include the following options: air conditioning, furniture, computer network, and telephone, home automation, guard (guardrail), high floor. Prefab Office containers (construction site office) are delivered as a set disassembled. Ten prefabricated offices of 15 m2, with one door and two windows, fully electrically equipped, are shipped with only one 40-foot sea container. Our office containers can be joined (assembled or stacked) to form prefabricated modular buildings. Extensively acknowledged for its less maintenance feature and excellent performance in adverse conditions, these containers are among the most preferred selections of clients.

Advantages of Office Containers

  •  Easy transporting
  • Flexible combination
  •  Fast assembling
  • Multi-purpose
  • Resistant to corrosion
Office Containers
Single Office Container Temporary Office Containers Prefab Shipping Container Office from Al Bait Al raqi Containerised Coffee-shop, Cafeteria


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