Labour Accommodations

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Labour Accommodations in the UAE

Al Bait Al Raqi modules are designed for different sectors: construction and public works, mining, oil services, emergencies, or military camps. We have assembled our modular work camps in the UAE. We are specialists in the production and installation of prefabricated labor accommodations. Based on individual modules, modular constructions, and prefabricated buildings. Al Bait Al Raqi prefabricated labor accommodations, to provide complete solutions catering for commercial, mining, military, and humanitarian applications.

Best Solution Of Labour Accommodations

Our experience in the camp supply allows us to offer a complete for your site that includes the design, supply, and build of the camp itself. Working with our specialist construction partners, we can provide a fully operational center in the UAE. Once complete, we support your modular labour camp installation at every stage of its lifetime.

Allow us to assess your specific requirement for prefabricated labour accommodations buildings fully, and we will advise you on the best solution for your situation, location, and staff accommodation requirements whilst respecting your budget expectation. Prefabricated structures are lightweight, durable, economical, relocatable & energy-efficient. Thus these buildings are in huge demand and have been favored as an alternative to a conventional building. We have a wide variety of double story cabins, prefab accommodation cabins, prefab warehouse and site offices, etc. The buildings achieve a very good safety effect and are strong to an earthquake. So, these are broadly used in some earthquake-stricken zones. The building will not make construction waste as well. This plays a role in protecting the environment.

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