Laboratory Units

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Laboratory Units in the UAE

Al Bait Al Raqi designs wet laboratories and quality control laboratories of all kinds in the UAE. We provide versatility, optimal security, and reliable hygiene. Prefab laboratory units and clean rooms in various applications, including hospitals, universities, and testing facilities in the UAE. If you want prefab laboratory units with cost savings, fast erection, perfect quality control, high durability ty, pre-engineered buildings, they are the best choice.

Features of Prefab Laboratory Units

Various custom options are available to ensure prefab laboratory units meet specific industry requirements and national and international standards. For instance, walls can be constructed from stainless steel, epoxy-coated aluminum, fiber-reinforced plastic, and various other specialty materials that eliminate mold growth risk. All-glass construction, in particular, allows for easy personnel observation. Further customizations such as shatter-resistant glass and chemical-resistant flooring are available as well.

Care must also be given to choosing an air filtration system, as proper air handling ensures that air is kept moving throughout the cleanroom and that no operations are compromised. At Speed Space, we offer positive- and negative-pressure air handling systems, air curtains, fume hoods, both wet and chemical sprinkler systems, as well as air-locked doors and dust containment cabinets. Air handling units can be mounted on the floors or roofs of portable laboratories.

Modular cleanroom and laboratory unit interiors can be customized with furniture and optimized to accommodate specific lab equipment. Full washroom installations can be installed, and security and alarm systems can also be included as needed. Further options include computer wiring, air purifiers, baseboard heat, carpeting, built-in desks, closets, wainscoting, in-swing doors, and unique floor coverings. Our engineers work closely with clients to create a layout that works for their individual needs.

Laboratory Units in the UAE


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