Hatta Kayak – Public Bathrooms

Country: United Arab Emirates
Emirates: Dubai
Year: 2019
Land: 400 m2
Storeys: 1
Bedroom: 0
Bathroom: 4
Kitchen: No
External Walls: (WPCs) Wood-Plastic Composites
Floor Type: Laminated Wood PVC
Building Height: 270 cm
Building Length: 20 m
CCTV System: No
Light System: LED Lights
Solar System: No
Electricity Generator: No
Direct Electricity: Yes
AC System: Yes

Hatta Kayak - Public Bathrooms' Project in Dubai, UAE

Public Toilets are now available at the Hatta Dam area. Our team recently completed the Hatta Kayak trading project in Dubai, UAE. And this post is to share with our customers about our ‘Hatta Kayak – Public Bathrooms’ Project & Case Studies.’ We also added some photos and videos (YouTube). So, it will be clear to know details.

Hatta Kayak is a unique tourist destination in Dubai and UAE.  The vast lake formed by Hatta Dam and its surrounding mountains is becoming so popular among those who seek relaxation in a natural place and look for a new experience of practicing kayak sport in UAE.

Let’s talk about Hatta Kayak – Public Bathrooms’ Project.

From the birth of AL BAIT AL RAQI, we have put our goal to be No.1 in the prefab project in UAE. That’s why our team always do their best to satisfy our customer. We have complete a project for Public Bathrooms, Prefab Building, Restaurants. In 2019 we finished 4 prefab Bathrooms work. We used (WPCs) Wood-Plastic Composites as external walls’ panel and Laminated Wood PVC on the flor. It has no Electricity Generator or Solar System because they want Air Conditioning, So we added Direct Electricity. We have also added our Plans Sheet for our customers.

Hatta Kayak - Public Bathrooms in Dubai
prefab bathroom
Hatta Kayak - Public Bathrooms in the UAE
Hatta Kayak bathroom
Hatta Kayak - prefab Bathrooms
Hatta Kayak - Public Bathrooms
Hatta Kayak Project
prefab public bathroom in the uae
prefab bathroom door dubai
prefab toilet dubai
prefab bathroom by al raqi
prefab toilet uae


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