Half Way – Containerized Cafeteria for ADNOC

Country: United Arab Emirates
Emirates: Abu Dhabi
Year: 2021
Land: 36 m2
Storeys: 1
Bedroom: 0
Bathroom: 0
Kitchen: Yes
External Walls: Cement Board
Floor Type: Cement Board
Building Height: 3 cm
Building Length: 6.5 m
CCTV System: Yes
Light System: LED Lights
Solar System: No
Electricity Generator: No
Direct Electricity: Yes
AC System: Yes

Half Way - Containerized Cafeteria Project for ADNOC

Half Way – Containerized Cafeteria for ADNOC is like a restaurant with all the kitchen equipment and food items to serve to culinary requirements of its customers. This is one of the beautiful and perfect designs by the M&M – Home Decor Company. This Half Way – Containerized Cafeteria located in ADNOC Service Station | Al Faya – Abu Dhabi, UAE

Half Way – Containerized Cafeteria Facilities

This project is based on the shipping container structure. It is covered with cement board and steel structure extension. All our container cafeteria is manufactured using industrial-grade materials. They’re completely safe for food storage. Some stainless-steel alloys are deemed food grade and can be used within kitchen accessories, appliances, and containers. The thickness of steel, also known as the gauge, determines how strong or durable the container is. 

The benefit of using shipping containers is that they can easily adapt to a wide array of environments. It can suit customer requirements, timelines, and budget restrictions much easier than any traditional construction method. Another benefit is that these shipping container cafes can be easily transported from one place to another all across the country. You can increase or decrease the space as per your requirement.

Best manufacturer & supplier of the containerized cafeteria in UAE 

We may be the best manufacturer and supplier of prefab & containerized cafeterias in the UAE. Because, we create exquisite customer experiences with innovative, stylish, and convenient shipping container conversions. Our expertise is focused on creating cafes, restaurants, or even kiosks using shipping containers. Please, see our work for this project and other projects too. You just need to name what you want, and we get it done in a flash! For this containerized cafe, M&M corporation provides us the design and we made it successful.

Whatever your business needs, we get it done. You can make your brand speak out loud with shipping container cafes that reflect your brand value! We can either start from an existing plan and then make modifications. Or we will start right from scratch and come up with an interior that impresses.

Halfway cafe- 3d Prefab Design


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