Double Storey Containerized Units

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Double Storey Containerized Units in the UAE

Al Bait Al Raqi design and supply Double Storey Containerized Units in the UAE and GCC region. This worksite Combo was designed for work areas with limited space and needed several facilities. Also, it featured a lunchroom below and a staircase that leads to an office above. The lunchroom could easily facilitate six to seven staff at a time, giving them the freedom to make their lunch or rest during their breaks. There is enough room to set up several desks with power and data connections in the upstairs office. This Double Storey Containerized Units would be perfect for mining or construction sites that need a vantage point to overlook the area.

We configure all of our containerized units to meet your requirements. Whether it’s a site office and lunchroom or a workshop and ablution unit, our team can design and construct it.

Custom Double Storey Containerized Units

If you like the appearance of the above mentioned containerized units but want something tailored for your requirements, then give us a call. This container combo featured a site office and lunchroom. If you might have a different setup to fit your specifications, the Al Bait Al Raqi team is ready to build. Maybe, a workshop container and ablution unit combination, or a lodging unit and workplace combo. We can tailor something to fit your requirements. As we design and rebuild our containers at our factories and not as like our competitors. We provide a variety of transportation choices available to match your location.

Double Storeys Containerised Units


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