Containerized Restaurants

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Containerized Restaurants in the UAE

Each of our Containerized Restaurants components starts with a repurposed shipping container. Containerized restaurant using recycled shipping containers is becoming a popular alternative to conventionally built structures. Containers make the perfect instant home for small scale independent businesses. And no more so than in this 14 seater restaurant. An exciting new entry on the city’s dining scene by a couple looking to start small where most of the budget went on the stove. A 20-foot container pop-up cafe, an intimate restaurant, or a container multiplex hangout destination. Our containerized restaurants have got it covered when it comes to variety. Container concepts create eco-friendly, turn crucial, and customized container restaurants, bars, event & retail spaces. You can make what you want utilizing modified, recycled shipping containers because of our team with you in the UAE.

We also specialize in the development of Container Franchises, Container Food Parks, Food Halls, and Warehouse Conversions. Whether it’s mobile or permanent, our containers can fit everything you need to hold a significant event or open your ideal beverage concept.

We work with suppliers around the country to find the right high-quality containers for your needs and budget. Generally speaking, any unit can be a candidate for converting to a restaurant container. While newer containers are more expensive, they require less cleanup time to remove dents, rust, and other imperfections.

Containerized Restaurants


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