Containerized Medical Units

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Containerized Medical Units in the UAE

In many places in the world, it is difficult to get primary healthcare. Containerized Medical Units can be used for a variety of reasons. For example, the country’s economic condition can be so bad that there is simply no money to build a new hospital. Geography, infrastructure, and logistics are all factors that can play a role in the lack of medical care. Containerized Medical Units can offer a solution in those situations. These mobile medical units are easy to transport and easy to install.

The Containerized Medical Units can be applied in many different answers. In this current pandemic situation of Covid-19, Containerized Medical is very needed. This allows primary healthcare to be provided where it is most needed. Think of places that are difficult to reach, where there is little to no infrastructure. Or in war zones, where medical care is often absent. With mobile medical containers, it is possible to offer care to people who need it. Due to the high-quality standards of our solutions, we can provide a medical solution under any circumstance.

Medical containers for use as:

  • Operation theatre
  • Emergency room
  • Ambulance container
  • Rescue container
  • Gynecology station
  • Dentistry container
  • Hospitalization unit
  • Other hospital components
Containerized Medical Units


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