Containerized Catering Project in the UAE

Country: United Arab Emirates
Emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai
Year: 2022
Land: 6250 m2
Storeys: 1
Bedroom: 0
Bathroom: 0
Kitchen: Yes
External Walls: ISO Container
Floor Type: FIRE RATED Board, Steel Structure, Intermodal Container
Building Height: 290 cm
Building Length: 450 m
CCTV System: No
Light System: LED Lights
Solar System: No
Electricity Generator: Yes
Direct Electricity: Yes
AC System: No

Containerized Catering Section Project in the UAE

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of our most recent venture in Sharjah, UAE – the containerized catering section project. In this article, we’ll look at the significance of this project and how it can help businesses and organizations.

Advantages of Containerized Catering

Containerized kitchen/catering, such as the one we just finished, have a number of advantages. We’ve included some examples below.

  • Cost-Efficiency: These catering are frequently more cost-effective than traditional setups, allowing businesses to manage their budgets more efficiently.
  • Mobility: The mobility of containerized catering in the UAE is a significant asset for businesses that require location flexibility. They’re ideal for events, mobile catering, and mobile businesses.
  • Rapid Deployment: Containerized kitchens can be set up quickly, minimizing downtime and allowing businesses to begin serving customers as soon as possible.
  • Customization: Businesses can tailor containerized kitchen/catering to their specific operational needs, ensuring maximum efficiency and functionality.

Al Bait Al Raqi’s Containerized Catering Section

Our containerized catering section in Sharjah exemplifies containerized kitchens’ adaptability and cost-effectiveness. It has a fully equipped kitchen, a well-organized pantry, and a refrigerated storage area and measures 290 cm x 12 m x 290 cm.

Key Features of Our Containerized Catering Section

  • Kitchen: A fully functional kitchen equipped with modern appliances and workstations, allowing chefs to prepare meals efficiently and to the highest standards.
  • Pantry: This section provides ample storage space for dry goods and ingredients, ensuring that everything required for meal preparation is readily accessible.
  • Storage: The refrigerated storage area maintains the freshness and safety of perishable ingredients, a crucial aspect of any catering operation.

This project underscores Al Bait Al Raqi’s commitment to delivering flexible, cost-effective solutions to businesses across the UAE. We take pride in our ability to provide innovative, sustainable, and durable prefab modules for a wide range of applications, from Majlis and Prefab Villas to Offices, Cafes, Restaurants, Security Cabins, Clinics, Canteens, and more.

Finally, our containerized catering section project in Sharjah demonstrates the mobility, rapid deployment, and customization benefits of containerized kitchens. At Al Bait Al Raqi, we are committed to providing forward-thinking solutions that enable businesses to thrive in a dynamic culinary landscape while adhering to principles of sustainability and efficiency.


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