Canteen Units

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Canteen Units in the UAE

Al Bait Al Raqi offers a wide range of Canteen Units in the UAE. Construction employees may use these units frequently during the day, so they will need to be a cozy atmosphere. We can design the canteen units in a variety of sizes and designs to suit the amount of land you have.

Which kind of Portable Canteen Units would you need?

The simplest of Canteen Units may consist of a sink and drainer unit, worktops, sockets and under worktop spaces for fridges, etc… Some building sites may decide to employ their particular site caterers, providing a range of meals and food for the staff at a little price. The type of Canteen unit in which food is served to the staff needs to get distinct internal amenities. Some of them may be;

  • Seating/Eating place
  • Serving Counter
  • Food Preparation area
  • Cooking region
  • Space for kitchen related gear, e.g oven, refrigerator
  • Food grade wall coverings
  • Extraction Fans

All of these have to be taken into consideration when designing your Canteen Unit. The size and design of them will also reflect on the price, so if you are working on a budget, this is how you will make your unit cost-effective.

Why choose us to manufacture your Site Canteen Units?

Al Bait Al Raqi pride themselves in manufacturing high-quality cottages, using the very best materials. These Canteen units may be constructed fairly quickly and sent to your site once done. This, therefore, will keep disruption to your site to a minimum. The delivery process is quick and simple, using a crane to lower it into position. Our team will assist you to design the best Cabin based on your requirements. By inquiry to delivery, Al Bait Al Raqi will be on hand to answer any questions that you may have.

Canteen Units in the UAE


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