Accommodation Block

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Prefab Accommodation Block in the UAE

We are making high-quality, economical Accommodation Block quickly moved from one spot to another. UAE as a nation is expanding with enormous skyscrapers and impressive structures. Hence a lot of people are visiting this country to discover a dwelling in the construction industry.

Among the most massive challenges the building industry faces is the absence of lodging spaces for your laborers. Because of infrastructure and space limitations, the builders find it challenging to adapt the laborers in the building areas. But, a prefabricated accommodation block would be the best option for many space-related troubles. They may be shifted from one spot to another in regular sections and maybe set up quickly in the shortest period possible. Also, the lodging cottages guarantee high performance.

Top Accommodation Block Providers in the UAE

Supplying comfy lodging for those laborers is a massive responsibility. And Al Bait Al Raqi is prepared to take this obligation for you. Our accommodation block is among the most dependable option for building areas from the Middle East area. Also, our cabins are enormous, spacious, and make the users feel exceptionally comfortable.

We out accommodation block in the shortest period possible. This characteristic also ensures that we could quickly re-assemble and transfer this to match your worksite’s shifting needs. We robust and construct our accommodation block to withstand the weather from the middle east area. It may stand the earthquake too.


  • Durable
  • Easily portable
  • Require little time for fixing
  • Comfortable stay
  • Flexible
  • Versatile

You must require a prefab accommodation block for the building work of long and wide streets since you want to keep shifting it regularly. Our accommodation blocks are easily transported from 1 area to another.

Application areas:

  • Residential projects
  • Commercial establishment projects
  • Construction sites
  • Minning areas
  • Offshore accommodation
  • Workshop areas

Our engineers will have a comprehensive site review before the setup. They will carefully analyze and provide you the best option. You may also use it as long as you want them due to the top quality and durability attributes.

Accommodation Block


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