AL BAIT AL RAQI‘s commitment to the customers will not end with the product setup. We do follow-ups with the clients for any issue may appears to our prefab projects with full Prefab Services which cover all of the future needs to our customer for example: painting, solar systems, new electrecity setup changing internal and external decoration and so on.
Prefab services make us unique from different companies in this field. Our prefab services available all across the UAE . Besides, we encourage you to contact us for any prefab service even after the warranty period.

Dismantling, Shifting & Assembly Works

Al Bait Al Raqi provides Dismantling, Shifting & Assembly Works of Site Offices, etc., in the UAE. We complete many projects with these services. Check our Plans and the recent…
Dismantling, Shifting & Assembly Works Prefab Services

Buy & Sell Prefabricated Caravan

Buy & Sell Prefabricated Caravan! Suppose you have a prefabricated caravan, house, prefab office, containerized units, caravan, majlis, and no longer using it. If you want to sell it you…
Buy & Sell Prefabricated Caravan in the UAE، بيع وشراء الكرفانات الجاهزة

Prefab Plumbing Service

We provide Prefab Plumbing Service in the UAE. Cold and hot running water tap is something which all of us rely on, and plumbing issues could certainly interrupt your everyday…
Prefab Plumbing Serviceخدمة الصحية و السباكة للبيوت الجاهزة, in the UAE Prefab Services

Foundation with Concrete Blocks

We do all kinds of Foundation with Concrete Blocks Works in the UAE… Various properties of strength and finishing per the client’s requirements. Check our Plans and the recent Foundation…
Foundation withأساس و خرسانة البيوت الجاهزة Concrete Blocks Prefab Services

Prefab Electrical Service

We provide Electrical Service in the UAE. Electricity is a thing that most of us take for granted when there’s an issue. We know you require it sorted as speedily…
Prefab Electrical Service

Sandwich Panel Works

All Prefab Sandwich Panel Works and Portacabins. Office Cont/Block, Accommodation Blocks, Double Story Cont, Canteen Units, Toilet cont, etc. Check our Plans and the recent Sandwich Panel Works projects we…
Sandwich Panel Works ألواح الساندويتش بانل, Prefab Services ألواح الساندوتش خفيفة الوزن
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