Prefab Flooring Service from Albait Alraqi Industry

With Prefab Flooring Service we will make your prefab unit more beautiful and reliable with innovative flooring solutions. We are committed to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. In all of our products, whether prefabricated homes made of cold-rolled steel, sandwich panels, or even modified containers, or residential, commercial and industrial prefabricated units, we use the latest technologies, equipment, and high-quality materials to ensure outstanding results. You can rely on us for Prefabricated Flooring Services: Design, Supply, Installation and Warranty.

Al Bait Al Raqi offers unique services in the field of flooring for prefabricated houses in the UAE and the Gulf region through projects implemented in these countries such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, and others. These services include:

  1. Floor design for homes, units, residential, industrial, and commercial.
  2. Supply of floors according to specifications and quantities for all prefabricated units.
  3. Installation of treated wooden floors.
  4. Installation of modern parquet floors.
  5. Installation of marble floors.
  6. Installation of ceramic floors.
  7. Installation of special vinyl floors.

At Albait Al-Raqi Factory, we are committed to maintaining high standards of quality and craftsmanship in all of our services and products, including our flooring services. We do this through:

  • Use of high-quality materials and products that are tested, proven, and guaranteed to last for many years.
  • The latest technologies and methods in installation, thermal and sound insulation, and scratch or friction resistance.
  • Compliance with occupational health and safety standards and the preservation of a clean and E-co friendly environment.

Our extensive experience in the field of flooring for prefabricated homes means that we are aware of all the challenges associated with this process, and we have the appropriate solutions to deal with them. Al-Raqi prefabricated houses has a dedicated team of experts with extensive experience in flooring for houses and prefabricated projects, whether built with cold-rolled steel technology or modified shipping containers for personal and commercial use. This ensures that you get beautiful, reliable, and durable floors for your prefabricated unit.

Prefab Flooring Services for Prefabricated Homes and Units

If you are looking for a company that specializes in flooring services for prefabricated projects and ready-made units, then Al-Raqi Factory is your best choice. We offer a full range of prefabricated flooring services. Check out our projects and other services and visit Al-Raqi Factory.

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