Prefabricated Buildings FAQs

Prefabricated structures are in the very long life building class and will be applied safely for about 50 years. The extortionate end, snow, rain, humidity, and usage method are the things that may influence the arrangement’s life. It is needed to take care as the other type of buildings demands.

Yes, that is potential. It only takes disassembly cost, reinstallation cost, painting cost, and sanitary installation price. It’s possible to amend buildings if needed.

Prefabricated buildings are somewhat immune to 7.5 magnitudes and 80 km/ h wind speed. Considering the climate and weather conditions of the spot that the houses will likely build, we could deliver our prefabricated products to any place on the planet.

Al Bait Al Raqi’s modern and produced facilities with seamless volt system technologies. Bolted joints are fitter and healthier than a system that is welded. Faulty caliber is reduced at the absolute minimum. Alloy Sheet, EPS, and Concrete board are the primary materials that we used in our production. We also use100percent of stainless steel products. Wall panels are made of two unique types: Cement plank – styrofoam — Cement plank and metallic sheet-Styrofoam- metal sheet and have a high insulation rate. Roof trusses are produced with bolt machine and made in automatic roll form machines based on the Project. Columns and cross-platform joints of roofing trusses are manufactured with our engineers’ static activation by requirements of the place that is going to be soon constructed. For roofing cladding, galvanized metal sheets come being used as a standard item. For inner doors, American panel doors are in use. All the substances useful for electric and sanitary installations are according to TSE standards, plus all of them have certificate and warranty records.

Because it is needed for any construction, prefabricated buildings have to keep. Prefabricated buildings are made from a blend of several types of materials. All these materials have different degrees of expansion coefficients. The cracks between your panels may occur for this kind of explanations. These crack would be repaired by mastic paint and material.

Al Bait Al Raqi prefabricated buildings exteriors walls are 10 cm thick with Stratfor panel system. They have more heat and noise-insulating material about the usual conventional concrete building. Glass wool and Stone wool that found in ceiling and wall panels offer a high rate of insulating material.

You may arrive at us along with your design and drawings. Also, we will together customize a construction endeavour in your production limitations, e.g. dimensional constraints, thanks to our conventional panelized process. Our representatives can assist you in creating a prefabricated building design that best suits your needs.

Production time is really for the typical building is one week under normal states. Depending on climate conditions, our assembling team is capable of build 20-25 m2 for single storey houses and 1520 m-2 to get two-storey homes each day. After the installation finishes, the painting process will be completed for 1-3 days. With good preparation, in a brief while, for example in just a month, then you’re able to settle in the building.

You can quickly get warm with stove, air-conditioner, natural gas or electric heater in winter, and you can cool your room with air-conditioner in summer.

Transportation of prefabricated buildings operated by trucks, trailers, ships, trains and cargo planes.

Prefabricated buildings manufactured for all kind of uses and purposes. They are practical and rapid for installation by modules. With a flexible structure feature, they are resistant to earthquakes and subsidence of ground. Prefabricated buildings manufactured according to all climatic conditions. They have superior qualities to the other structures about heat and sound insulation. It can be built within a short time without harming the environment and without pollution and manufactured by modern and historical texture. They are resistant to fire. Optionally, prefabricated buildings can be demounted and installed in other places.

Roof and exterior wall panels can be modified according to weather and climate conditions with TS 825 norms.

Quality and thickness of the steel structure, consistency and the materials used in wall panels, roof insulation, quality of Windows determined the prices. Additionally, extra materials for insulation in walls and roof can affect the price.

Houses, villas, offices, social housing, social facilities, construction sites, cafeteria and dormitories, prefabricated factory and hangars are the central area of usage prefab houses/buildings.

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