Buy & Sell Prefabricated Caravan in the UAE

Buy & Sell Prefabricated Caravan

Buy & Sell Prefabricated Caravan! Suppose you have a prefabricated caravan, house, prefab office, containerized units, caravan, majlis, and no…
Sandwich Panel Works Prefab Services

Sandwich Panel Works

All Prefab Sandwich Panel Works and Portacabins. Office Cont/Block, Accommodation Blocks, Double Story Cont, Canteen Units, Toilet cont, etc. Check…
Civil Works Prefab Services

Civil Works

We provide Civil Works in the UAE like Manhole’s Work, False Ceiling, Tile works, Stairs & Rails, Villa’s work, etc.…
Prefab Logistic Support in the UAE Prefab Services

Prefab Logistic Support

We provide prefab Logistic Support in the UAE throughout the GCC. 25 Ton Mobile Crane, 50 Ton Mobile Crane &…
Prefab Refurbishment Service Prefab Services

Prefab Refurbishment Service

Al Bait Al Raqi provides Prefab Refurbishment Service in the UAE. Cabin Repairs, Miscellaneous Repair Works, Site Office Repairs &…
Prefab Transport Service in the UAE & Mena Region Prefab Services

Prefab Transport Service

We, Al Bait Al Raqi, provide Prefab Transport Service in the UAE. 18M Trailer, 15M Trailer, 12M Trailer & Flat…
Prefab Electrical Service

Prefab Electrical Service

We provide Electrical Service in the UAE. Electricity is a thing that most of us take for granted when there’s…



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