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Welcome to Al Bait Al Raqi Prefabricated Houses, and Containerised Units. We are based in Sharjah UAE, deliver new and refurbished prefabricated module solutions.  Al Bait Al Raqi Prefab units provide sustainable environmentally friendly houses, and modules available to personal villas as Majlis or farms, businesses, schools, non-profit organisations besides that governmental projects.

Al Bait Al Raqi inspired by the endless potential of prefabricated modular architecture also our skills, experiences, and abilities. moreover; we create stunning, sustainable residential and commercial projects. We follow our motto, “Conscientiously Prefabricate The Future.” Providing high-quality prefab products such as portable cabins, customised containers, flat pack, and steel structures all around the UAE. We continue to put our focus on innovation operational, convenience, and ease of mobility.

Our Facilities

Our generations of new containerised facilities produced using a high tech systems, a containerized module and Portacabins. Similarly, providing the market with perfect designs, as will as high-quality materials that reduce environmental impacts which last for long life. We provide the best materials for any project which fits the future requirements. Like coffee shop, restaurants, offices, on-site stores, bathrooms, canteens and many other options, whenever you need prefabricated or containers as basic location or design.

Our previous and ongoing labour’s accommodation projects, are one of our trademarks. Consequently, that successfully executed mass accommodation projects in the UAE. So, you can choose us for quality and reliability single or multi storey units, with our modern prefabricated techniques for fire-rated buildings technology and the advantages of quick production like: quick installation, durable structures, and finance rates.

We intend to provide a diversified range of services to facilitate our client with a one-stop solutions. Starting from the manufacturing of steel structures (sheds and warehouses) like: parking sheds, prefab products, customised containerised module and manufactured units, beside we can help you complete logistic support. For that reason, we become the first range of prefabricated worksite and office buildings for the major projects in the U.A.E and GCC region.

In conclusion, planning, developing, installing, maintenance, and all the other minor or significant aspects of supplying or switching to prefabricated units, will be handled. Above all, we aim for sustainable growth based on our philosophy of “Placing our client’s satisfaction at the heart of everything we do.

Hamada Ganama

General Manager

GM‘s Message

First it’s my pleasure to have this incredible team who strive to stick to the top of the prefabricated houses industry. From the birth of AL BAIT AL RAQI, we have put our goal to be No.1 in prefabricated houses in UAE. With high manufacturing capacity and product quality, based on local and international standards. Commitment to our motto, “CONSCIENTIOUS PREFABRICATE THE FUTURE.” It leads us to pursuit the latest products, materials, and technology in this field.

Most importantly, dependent on our most crucial features of AL BAIT AL RAQI, which is the human resources. It consists of experts, engineers, designers, technicians, electricians, painters, plumbers, and artisans who work as one coherent team.

So we follow “Open Door Policy” and problem-solving of our team in human respectful manner procedures. Certainly, we believe they are our most efficient and meaningful to develop strong bonds between our team.

AL BAIT AL RAQI’s team is dedicated to serving the best of our customers. That drives our long-term relationship with customers. Beside, it enables us to connect with them on a professional and personal level.



Designs Manager

Menwer Ganama

Operation Manager

Mahde Abdelrazek

Financial Manager
albait alraqi prefab team

How We WORK?


Firstly, our project initiation phase aims to develop complete project analytics, to get a clear idea about our client’s project. For instance, goals, schedules, and deliverable identifying project needs to establish roles and responsibilities.


Secondly, Al Bait Al Raqi’s planning phase, puts all collected information together, all clients need at the first action to make the dream of the prefabricated project appears,with creative inspiration plan and future imagination to what the project will looks like with best quality and practices, giving the drawings based on the project proposal.


Al Bait Al Raqi dedicated a high-end of experts team, including top professionals with skills and experience, all to give schedule and specification start with the approved plan and projects’ design delivered from the design manager. So, with putting all details together with quality aspects in mind during all production processes.

Quality Assurance

Al Bait Al Raqi’s quality assurance process one of essential steps before the product leaves the manufacturer or our team leaves the site. So, by implementing tools that enhance transparency with our clients, we inspect all our prefab products in all aspects and features to get the best product that meets the client’s needs, and most importantly with top of local and international standards.

Delivery & Installing

In conclusion, delivering or installing the product safely with perfection is our last phase, which tells us that we gained the battle, it assures that we successfully did the production process. As a result the client became one of our success stories. So, improving loyalty and trust between our clients and Al Bait Al Raqi team is accomplished in this phase, in short to start a new mutual success stage.


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